5 Top Amazing Internet Activities from the Whole World

What people around the world are doing with the internet? Here are the activities that most people do.


Browsing is the number one internet activity that people do in the whole world. This browsing includes searching, watching, news updates and many more. How many people are browsing in a minute just to learn information and to get something new? In a minute people spend their time in the in the internet.

Business Activities and Work

Commercial activities are done in the internet.

There are hundreds of uploads in just a minute. There are pictures, blogs, video uploads in a minute. These are uploads are for business or commercial use or for pleasure. There are millions of websites uploaded in one day. This is why there are billions of websites about a certain topic.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

This never stops. In one minute there are millions of people whose social media account is opened and they are using this. Each person has a social media account though not everyone are opening their accounts every minute. It is one of a kind marketing tips that you must try. An online transaction selling is now popular and every businesses are using it. Very fast transaction and effective marketing done through online world.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping is now at its peak. Most people are making every effort to find the best and cheapest online store. Online shopping is more convenient than offline in terms of price and time. Online Shopping is one of the successful online business.


This is a very important activity in the internet. Some people only have their Browser email but have no Twitter or Facebook accounts so they could still use mails in the internet.