Terrible Disadvantages of the Internet

The internet is the best invention that ever came out on earth. However, there are still terrible disadvantage that could drive us to craziness.

Computer Game Addict

Most people around the world have already been addicted to computer games and that they could not get away from it once they are into it. This  means that their life will not become better but grow worse and worse if these are not changed. This has made the youths and children become dumb in this generation.

Social Media Addict

Computer users have already lost their passion in offline stuffs and people just see their mobiles, computers and digital devices because of the uprising use of internet. How sad it is that people have already forgotten what is more joyful on this earth. Well, the social media has made youths and teenager to turn away from their goals.


Because of the internet, people have only focused only on their gadgets not doing what they have to do. They have come attend first to their media accounts than doing what is more important. One of the great cleaning services company is here. You go to website detailing.com.tw to check. This is best.

Slander in Social Media

The most terrible thing that is happening in the internet is slandering some groups and organizations with baseless accusations. Some people would upload false rumor and information against a person or a group. This is form of bully. People can do that if they basis for the information that they have made-up. I would like you to know this amazing cleaning company. Search for this site 清洗冷氣機. They will gonna help you out for your air conditioning cleanliness.