Using Directories

Aside from the search engine that is commonly used for searching the web, there is also the other two that you can use for searching. One of them is using the directories that we will familiarize today.

Directories are like a guide on a building as it is there that you can see links that are collected and compiled and they are even organized manually by people. They put some summarize descriptions on each site so you can easily know and find the sites to open.

That is why it is good when you know a good directory as you can find what you are looking for directly. Make sure to find a good directory so you would not be lost. These directories are good to use when you want to find a specific material because you know what you are looking for and you can have an idea also where to look. An example is that when you are searching a website for a specific gaming site. One great advantage is that the files not needed and malicious ones are removed.

One disadvantage is that there could be links that cannot function correctly and the materials are not recent. That is because humans arranged them and managed them. You have to manually sort also the directory one by one because you cannot search using a keyword.

Some of the examples of this search tool are the Internet Public Library, Yahoo!, and URI Libraries Internet Resources.